We cover all the payrolling costs for temporary placement including Workers Compensation, Canada pension, Employment Insurance, and Liability Insurance.

To better serve you, Best Personnel Inc has employees available around the clock.  All of our construction, industrial and office employees must go through our screening requirements successfully to secure a place within our company.  Potential recruits are required to complete an application form including three work references and provide valid picture ID as well as any certificates that they may possess.  The applicants are then interviewed one on one by our qualified staffing consultants.  We have an extensive database of employees who present a wide range of skills including trades, warehousing, restoration and administration.  These measures ensure successful candidate placement.


Day to day job seekers bookings with no obligation.

Our consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to accommodate all your last minute orders.

If the client decided to hire the employee within the 3 months probation period Best Personnel must be notified to negotiate a finder’s fee.

Temporary to Permanent Placement Policy:

Many of our clients have found exceptional employees by using our agency. We find that by interviewing and reference checking all applicants, we find the BEST suitable candidates available. We put our employees on a 3 month probation period with your firm to ensure the candidate is stable, hard working and reliable. If the employee proves that they want to be a part of your team after their probation period, with good reviews from the supervisor, then it has been our pleasure to have helped you find another member of your team at no additional cost. If you wish to hire one of the temporaries prior to their three month review, please call our office to negotiate a placement fee depending on length of stay.

Permanent Placement Policy:

Upon hiring our candidates the client agrees to pay Best Personnel Inc. a fee of 10 – 20% of the annual income of the candidate’s salary which is payable upon receipt. (The permanent placement fee is negotiated prior to our placing the candidate.)

If the candidate’s performance is not satisfactory, Best Personnel Inc. provides a three (3) month guarantee to replace the employee or refund less 25% for administrative costs.